Diversity Within The Workforce : San Bernardino Essay

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Diversity in the Workforce: San Bernardino
A government wide policy on diversity is not an easy policy to develop, it varies from cities to city and is difficult to implement within agencies. However, seeing as the mayor has asked for a government-wide policy on diversity certain topics must be met such as defining what diversity, why diversity is important, how human resources plays a part, and how an individual has the right to privacy. In addition to these, The Notification and Federal Employee Anti-discrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002, adds to the idea that one cannot discriminated against based on race, sex, age or gender. Finally a brief overview of why those who are opposed to the idea of having a policy for diversity and why they think it benefits not having a diversity policy. The city I have chosen to focus on is San Bernardino, as I have lived here for many years and I know how diverse certain areas can be.
Role of Diversity
Diversity has become an increasing important topic amongst government employees. According to Kettl “A more diverse government workforce can also help to preserve core public service values such as fairness, transparency, impartiality and representativeness (Kettl, 2015). Diversity is an important part of any organization as it grips the recognition that government is not merely about delivering services but also promotes and defines value (Kettl, 2015). In addition to that when you have an city like San Bernardino where a…

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