Promoting Diversity Without Reverse Discrimination Summary

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I chose an article from The National Law Review by Daniel J. Green entitle Promoting Diversity Without Reverse Discrimination. I thought this article was interesting because it addressed the potentially negative impact of diversity programs. The issue of diversity has been covered in several of my business classes. I agree that diversity in the workplace is beneficial and should be actively addressed by leadership. While we have been given many basic outlines for implementing diversity programs and the potential benefits to such programs, as well as, the potentially negative consequences of ignoring this issue, no text has effectively outlined the dangers of an overly aggressive diversity program. I think companies feel increasing pressure to diversify at any cost. The thing that seems to get lost in the mix is that the people who find themselves outside of the desired minority …show more content…
He states that “maintaining a workforce lacking in diversity presents serious litigation risks” and “taking steps to remedy the problem by exhibiting an explicit preference for certain classes of employees may run afoul of the same statutes” (Green, "The National Law Review", 2016). Company employees that believe that compliance at any cost is an acceptable policy may find themselves facing more challenges than they anticipated. Diversity is a hot topic and one that has no simple or sweeping solution. It is also a problem that may require a long term approach rather than a quick fix. Hurting one group in order to correct earlier short sighted policies that negatively impacted another group may not be the correct solution. I believe that we need change on a large scale in order to reach a “fair” situation. I do not believe discrimination in another direction is the solution. Policies may make us feel good and just, but real people are impacted by those

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