Essay on Diversity And Inclusion Of The United States

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Our world, and especially the Untied states, over the last 20 years has become a diverse planet. As humans and employees we all bring a different angle to what we do. Diversity is seen through ethnicity, what our skin looks like, either male or female, disabled, and also each of the different thoughts we bring to the table. Businesses, in order for success, need to adapt to appreciating diversity and inclusion. First of all the dictionary says that diversity is “the condition of having or being composed of differing elements”. So each of the things I listed above as being diverse is an element. Inclusion means to simply include.

What a diverse company looks like to me would be a company that hires individuals without having any sort of say on the way they look. In our business we hire anyone who wants a job. We grow asparagus, and most of the employees that we hire are Hispanic. In order for us to be diverse in our country we hire these people. We know that some of them do not speak English; so showing inclusion would be to provide translators for the hiring process and working through and around that. In order for a business to act fairly they need to treat each individual the same. It is understandable that employees may treat coworkers unfairly, with each of the employee’s differences and own personal beliefs about a certain ethnic group. However, if someone wants to promote a culture of diversity in the workplace then those thoughts need to be put behind him or her so…

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