Eassy On Fishing

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Float on
With the wind calm and the lake reminding me of glass, I cast out, hoping for once I would catch something that was a little more marvelous than a bloody catfish. I had the sun shining down on me, allowing my reflection to be seen in the water. The day was absolutely stunning, with the sun beating down on me sitting on that dock. The smell of gasoline from the boats and the sound of geese and ducks all around. Seeing the clear water glisten and the movement of the fish beneath me made sitting out there so calm. Having the time to forget everything else and just let the beauty of nature take over your mind. Having the bright blue sky above me with not a cloud in the air and the sun beaming down onto the water. I remember pausing for a moment, and coming to the realization that this is how I want to live life. For some reason, I
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It may have been due to the events that were soon to come, or what people would say to me, or maybe due to the simple fact that I was having so much fun. Being out on the dock in the summer was the only thing I ever wanted to do when we were there. I could sit out on that dock for hours on end with a rod in my hands and hope in mind to catch something impressive. Rice lake was more than just a lake to me. It was somewhere that I wanted to call home. I may have only been a young child at that time, but I knew that working hard and having a wonderful time all the time was how I chose to try and live my life, and have the people I love surround me. With the boats flying past me, I finally feel a tug and just pray to God it won’t be a bloody catfish. I reel in, leaning back and using all my 7-year-old strength to help pull the fish out of the water. To my astonishment, it was a 14-inch bass. I was quite impressed with myself and absolutely filled with joy. In many ways, this was the high point of my day, yet, what events occurred after is what changed my life, and gave me something to live by for the rest of my existence

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