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The Barn
The sun is just starting to peek over the horizon, casting soft rays of light over the Earth and turning this usually chaos filled place, into a calm haven. Here I can clear my mind and enjoy simply being and breathing. This is an opportunity never able to be seized once the afternoon rush of people start trickling in. There is not a cloud in the sky and a cool breeze rustles the leaves of the trees. I make my way towards the barn to see my horse before I head off to school. The old stable that sits in the center of the lot is a bright red that has faded from many years of sunshine and is coated in a thick layer of dirt. The paint is chipped and many of the boards sag like the skin of someone with many years of wisdom. The sliding doors stand open wide; never in my life have I seen these doors shut. I take a few steps and dust is kicked up into the air and left there, floating and glittering in the sunlight. Cobwebs cling to the hanging boards along the ceiling. Usually it is my job to knock them down with a broomstick, but I am always left with a haunting feeling that I am covered in the sticky silk and infested with the creatures that call it their home, so there they will stay. On these boards is an old Christmas tree and several horse blankets that
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They are small, only 4 boards high. The sides are short enough to allow curious noses to seek out their neighbors ' company. Cedar shavings cover the ground inside two inches thick and a colorful water bucket decorates the back corner. The doors to these stalls usually stay open if there is no horse inside, for moisture has warped the wood of the stalls, making it very difficult to lock them. I place my hand on the gate. It is cool to the touch. If I were to look at my fingers, they would be coated in a thin layer of orange rust that makes me look like I have been snacking on a delicious bag of

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