Personal Narrative Essay: The Feeling Of Happiness In My Life

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There is a feeling that makes me the happiest. The warm feeling when you enter your home on a breezy autumn day. My lungs, that were full of fresh autumn air, are now filled with the cinnamon apple candle my mother is burning. My house is clean, and all I want to do is sit and get cozy in a soft warm blanket on my couch. That is the feeling of happiness to me. The dull day of school had just gotten done with. I am on my way home on the rambunctious bus. The bus ride where all the rowdy children are letting out all their energy that was bottled up all day. I am sitting on the seats, that are hard as rocks, feeling my butt gradually going numb. Thinking about how this bus ride seems like an eternity, and how excited I am to be on my way home. As the bus stops at the long gravel road that the bus drops me off at, I get off and the fresh autumn air fills my lungs. I now start my trek down the gravel road towards my house. I hear the crunching as I stomp on crisp leaves that are on the road. Looking at the almost leafless branches dance in the cool breeze, and watching as more leaves fall to the ground and scurry across the gravel. All these things happening are reminding me why fall is my favorite season, and why it gives me that happy feeling. …show more content…
He jumps up on my legs and I can feel his sharp claws poke at my thighs. Acting like he has not seen me in one hundred years. Licking me with his slobbery wet tongue on my hands, that when the wind blows I can feel the moisture chill on my skin. I continue to pet is fine black and white spotted fur and he wags his stubby tail in pleasure. We continue to frolic through the discolored leaves in my lawn. As we run, I can hear the leaves crunch and rustle. I kick up some leaves and they are gone with the wind, as they linger throughout the air. When I finished playing with my dog, that is now no longer energetic, I make my way to my front

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