The Happiest Moment Of My Life Essay

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Significant other interview shows the true relationship of one person to another person. The interview is by the people like grandfather and son or any person that is in the family for more than 4 years. Another example can be that the daughter can interview her family like a grandmother, grandfather, or even mom and dad. The interview can last for about a half an hour. Many interviews show what is being said that is happening with their life. The interviewer will get to ask the questions and hear the answer from the other person who is interviewing with. This feedback or response can have many outcomes of answer like what is the happiest moment of your life? Or what is the saddest of their life? Finally, the interviewer can learn and take …show more content…
The saddest?” I ask this question because know what is my mom feeling when she facing the happiness and the saddest in her life. I got a response that when she got her first paycheck. Then I tell her why you answer that. She said that she does not have to ask the money from her father because he already giving a lot of the stuff to her and her 11 sisters and brother total. This lesson I learned from her is that to not take more if it is enough and to repay back is generosity. On the other hand, I turn thing around by asking “then what is your saddest moment?” Her respond is that when she didn’t get to go when her father passed away because she has been working and she can take a vacation that time. I felt sad that she didn’t have time to go to see her father last time. Not just to see the ceremony too but she didn’t go to join her brothers and …show more content…
As a young child?”. Her response is that when I was a baby everybody loves us. For example, she told me that everyone wants to hold us when we were a baby because we were a twin and she said that it is rare to hold a twin baby back then. During when I grow up we used to play with powder all around the room and then getting busted with my brother and I play with our friends in the mud pool. It created by when the water in the higher rice field flow down to the lower level and stuck in the huge banana field.
To sum it up, I learned many things from my mom in which she tells and shared a lot of her experience that she had been going through. This event include of what her father teacher her in the question “Who has been the most important person in your life? Can you tell me about him or her?” and learning that doing the good thing from other people but stay away from bad people. Bad people can lead you to the road of ruins. Then, I learned that without mother and father, there would not be you. In the other words, you would not be born when you do not have the father and mother meet up that

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