De Tomaso Pantera Case Study

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De Tomaso Pantera the Value Priced Supercar from Ford

Review the Exceptional Value of a 1970s De Tomaso Pantera

Do you know the Italian word for panther? That 's right, it 's Pantera. And this is a great place to start. The De Tomaso Pantera that launched in 1971 provided an Americanized version of an Italian styled supercar.

You didn 't have to go to Maranello Italy to get one, because Ford made the car available at your local Lincoln Mercury dealer. With a sticker price of around $10,000 in 1971, it 's curious that the automobile wasn 't a complete success.

Here we 'll talk about one of the most misunderstood sports cars from the early 1970s. Learn about the trials and tribulations of owning one. Uncover what these cars are worth today
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However, here we 'll discuss the Ford partnership and specifically the cars imported into the United States from 1971 through 1974. They imported and sold around 5,200 cars during this time period.

General Motors and [the American Motors Corporation] started experimenting with mid engine Italian style sports cars in the late 60s. Ford 's president at the time, [Lee Iacocca], liked the idea and wanted to beat the other companies to the marketplace.

Fortunately, he already had a relationship with Alejandro De Tomaso, a sports car builder from Modena, Italy. Ford had been providing the 289 cubic inch engine to the European coach builder since 1964. This engine slid right into the predecessor of the Pantera known as the Mangusta.

Ford agreed to finance the Pantera project in return for an 80 percent stockholder share. Ford Motor Company would also hold exclusive rights to sell the cars in the United States. And that 's how the Pantera became the first American mid engine sports car.

Ford dealers already had their [Carroll Shelby inspired AC Cobras] and the Mustang pony cars. Therefore, they would sell the Pantera under the sign of the cat. Just in case you don’t remember, the Lincoln Mercury dealer network used a cougar as a mascot in the 70s. This was a perfect fit with the Italian panther
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It 's said, [he opened fire on the automobile] when it refused to start at his Memphis, Tennessee, home. The reasons behind the multiple issues surrounding the first full production Panteras are attributed to a rush to production.

The sports car went from an idea on paper to cars rolling off the assembly line in less than a year. Airflow was a big shortcoming in these sports cars. The engine overheated easily due to an undersized radiator with poor airflow across its core.

Airflow was also an issue for the interior cabin. Drivers and passengers complained about oppressive temperatures in the tight interior cabin. This issue was amplified when the engine began to overheat. Owner’s also complained about driver comfort.

The intrusion of the left front wheel well into the foot area made the car difficult to drive. This is especially true if you have large feet. Jay Leno owns a 1971 Pantera. He’s on record of saying he has to take his shoes off to drive the car.

All Panteras came with Ford 's ZF manual transmission. It utilized an Italian style gated shifter that looked better than it operated. Although the ZF five-speed is considered durable and reliable, premature clutch failure is a common issue. The early production models suffered from structural issues. Ford issued a recall on these cars and improved the situation going

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