Dakota Black: My Love Of Reading And Writing

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Meeting one of my oldest friends, Dakota Black, helped to introduce me to the world of reading and writing. I met Dakota on my third day of fifth grade; I was playing with the tetherball during recess when I played against him. We started talking and decided to hang out after the school day, and once my mom dropped me off at his house we started chatting. I learned he was interested in writing and I feigned an interest to keep the conversation going. He talked about the stories he was writing and I remember feeling so envious of his accomplishments. After reading a few of his stories I decided to go home and try to write a few of my own to impress him. Of course, my first few attempts were very mediocre, but I did enjoy myself while attempting to think of ideas to write about. If I hadn’t met …show more content…
While Dakota was the one to introduce me to writing, freshman year of high school was the time where I got serious about my hobby. Freshman year of high school played a vital role in molding my love of writing from a whimsical dream into a passion. And while I look back on freshman year with a naive nostalgia, freshman year was also a year I would like to forget. The year I graduated from middle school and moved on to high school was a year many of my friends moved away and I was all but left alone. I was scared and wasn’t able to properly express myself, therefore making it difficult to make many new friends. I became rather depressed during that year, I didn’t leave my house much nor did I make an active effort to meet new people. About halfway through the year I decided to try and write again, something I

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