Brief Summary Of Kendrick's Memory Book

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Kendrick’s Memory Book


GLO Renaissance

Suddenly, I Became Kendrick


Growing Up In Alief And Sugar Land

I Wish I Could See My Dad Again

Underclassman Years

At Last, I’m A Senior

GLO Love



Birth of the GLO

With a burst into the past, the Hurd-Hamilton family lived on the nice side of Hiram Clarke. My great grandmother, Ruth, met a young stud of French descent while he was working hard in a factory in which her parents owned. Her family did not like many of the people they employed seeing them as “immigrant scum workers. For Ruth, she fell in love with a young man by the name of Adrien.The two young adults dated each other for about a year and a half before
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Some of them landed themselves into trouble. At the same time, some of them just decided to leave because they couldn 't live up to my personal expectation. Although i have built a very high wall to new people, a few of my friends have stood by their word. They are still my best friends and have been with me through the happy days and the sad. Kali and Tyler are my most genuine friends i have ever had.
Me and Tyler started from basic beginnings, starting off with a cool conversation which led to a daily meetup to talk about current events and society. After a while of just being acquaintances, I knew that he was someone to keep close. Our friendship continued to grow and after all of these years, we 've watched each other grow up. As for my bestfriend Kali, our friendship couldn 't have started any better way. We both met through a mutual friend named Christian.We both exchanged a laugh and went about our day. I saw that she thought i was very funny,so i decided to start a small conversation on the after school bus. Just as me and tyler started, we would meet in the library every morning. years have went by and i noticed that i had to keep her by my side. We’ve both been through tough times, and throughout sadness and tears, our bond only became
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I always had a variety of friends to talk to, some of them in my class and others seniors. i also had family members who were seniors at the school, so my friends would be in a wider range and they could also help me with my work. High school could have went different for me if i didn’t make some of the good choices i made for myself. Once I became a junior, i knew exactly what i wanted to do with my life after i left high school. photography always grabbed my attention and some of my family members open a few doors for me. I decided what would be the right path for me and i strayed away from old friends who were making poor decisions and landing themselves in trouble. Once i surrounded myself with positivity and success, i knew exactly what i had to do to

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