Customer Relationship Management: My Experience In Marketing

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My experience in marketing started early in my career when I took control of the internet sales department, a relatively new concept in the retail automotive industry. A lot of this knowledge was gained through trial and error, as the industry was in the middle of a change at that point, and I was handling an uncharted territory by myself. The question approach in the sales process helped me uncover a lot of what it took to get a potential customer to move from looking at a website to walking into the dealership. This led me to take a lot of approaches that were uncommon at the time, such as adding a searchable inventory of our cars to the company website. In addition to the marketing of the individual vehicles via the internet, rather than …show more content…
These approaches resulted in a 20% increase in sales via internet marketing and a 17% increase in sales via traditional print media.
Customer relationship management, commonly referred to as CRM, is a process used by companies to understand their customer’s needs and wants and respond to them. The follow-up stage of the sales process is a part of customer relationship management and a rather valuable one. It provides not only an opportunity to sell the same customer more products and services as the need arise, but it helps to generate referral business as well. It also helps to identify problems your customers are having with your product and provides information on how to fix them to build loyalty to your company. CRM is a great example of how
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Sales is a field that tends to have high turnover, as many of the qualifications of a good salesperson are not easy to quantify. There are two ways to recruit sales people, like in any industry, from internal sources, like employee referrals or from within the company, and from external sources, like newspaper and internet ads and from recruiting firms. Like with most businesses, internal recruits are more likely to result in successful hires. Once you have a qualified applicant base, a sales manager needs to create a list of criteria of skills and behaviors a candidate must meet in order to be an effective salesperson for the firm. It is also necessary to find a candidate that will be a good cultural fit with the

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