Critical Incident Questionnaire : What Happened And Where? Essay

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Critical Incident Questionnaire.
What happened and where?
While in an hour of free play, a student with low social interaction who had brought in his own snap game and wanted to choose one person to play the game with. When it came to choosing, 5-6 students wanted to play with him, all gathering around asking if they could play to.
What were your immediate thoughts?
My thoughts straight away, reflecting-in-action which ‘is to reflect on behaviour as it happens’ (Schon, 1983) were, I felt like I did not have the authority to calm this situation down or tell the children whom can and can not play the game as I am a volunteer and not technically a teacher. I felt a little scared that I was going to upset those who have not been chosen if I told them they could not play but at the same time felt like I was going to upset the student who brought the game in if I were to say more than one child could play, and I also felt if I were to ask for help from another member of staff in the room, they may think I was incompetent and could not be left without supervision. I questioned how am I going to calm this situation down, allow for each child to be involved equally and ensure that everyone is happy and immediately I thought this is a losing battle if I can not settle the situation and come up with structure or rules for the game in hand. In the words of Schon (1983) ‘It seems right to say that our knowing is in our action’ explaining that we can find truth in our own thought process…

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