Essay on Creating Goals And Sticking At Grade Nine

1109 Words Jul 5th, 2015 5 Pages
Creating goals and sticking to them helps a person grow and learn, and I myself have experienced this. Before grade nine I made the goal of participating more in class thanks to my grade eight teacher who suggested that I should break out of my shell and share my great ideas more since I never actually did in elementary. I tried my best to try to participate in summer school transitioning to grade nine, and it was the hardest place to ever participate in class. Almost everyone in the class was an advanced placement student and rose up their hand way faster than I could ever think! I felt that I would never catch up to the critical thinking of the advanced placement students, but I did not give up, for there was still grade nine ahead. When grade nine came, I found it way easier for me to participate in an academic class since less people participated, therefore I had more time to think when raising up my hand. I mostly gave incoherent thoughts at first but as the year went but those thoughts changed. As the year went by, I began to give more relevant opinions and to think more critically; now I feel like an improved student. It still feels strange seeing myself as someone who speaks and participates in class, but it helped myself to grow as a student since I now think more critically. I stuck to my goal and never gave up on being a greater participant in class. My grades, in fact boosted from grade eight! I feel astonished with my own self knowing that I am capable of…

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