Comparison: Wilt Chamberlain Versus Kobe Bryant

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Wilt Chamberlain Versus Kobe Bryant

Some people say that Kobe Bryant is better than Wilt Chamberlain,on the other hand they think that Wilt Chamberlain is better that Kobe Bryant. Many people will try to compete other NBA players,but this two basketball players are what most people are debating about. Who is the best NBA player? My friend Ben,a huge fan of Kobe Bryant, stated that “Kobe got drafted from high school to become an NBA player”, is he really that good to be drafted from high school? Wilt Chamberlain didn’t get drafted from high school,but he was very popular playing basketball.

I believe that Wilt Chamberlain is better than Kobe Bryant because he holds the most points in a game. Kobe Bryant greatest score was 88 points in a game against the Toronto raptors on January 22 2006. Wilt Chamberlain scored an amazing 100 points and 55 rebounds against the New York Knicks on March 2 1962(Wikipedia,2017). Not only he scored that many points, it was a record in the NBA. Until to this day no one has broken the 100 points,same record he made 55 years ago.

Wilt Chamberlain hold better statistic that Kobe Bryant in the NBA seasons that past. Although scoring 100 points in a game, Kobe scoring 88 points, Wilt
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Gabriel,a student in king middle school,stated that “Wilt is no better than Kobe Bryant because,basketball was slow that time,if he was still playing today he would not get many records”.True that Basketball that time was slow, if he was still alive today if he trains with amazing coach he is still going to be better than Kobe. People will not be sad that Wilt is no better than Kobe. Jc DeGuzman,a student in king middle school with good knowledge about Wilt Chamberlain stated that “he holds many records and one of the famous records he holds is the most point in a game”. In the end Wilt Chamberlain’s statistics are better than Kobe

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