Wilt Chamberlain's Impact On The NBA

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One arena filled to the brim of screaming fans awaiting the victory of their team. The crowd goes silent as they are being informed that a record had just been broken by Wilt Chamberlain. This was during one of Wilt Chamberlain’s best NBA seasons, but in order to get their he had to work hard. Although in order to truly understand how good Wilt Chamberlain actually was you first need to know Wilt Chamberlain’s early life, NBA career, and his impact on the NBA, twenty six years earlier.
Wilt’s early life had just begun. The soon to be basketball legend was born on August twenty first in 1936. Seventeen years later in 1953 Wilt was averaging thirty one points a game during his high school career. When he left high school Wilt measured at seven

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    game. Giant like statue Wilt stood at 7’1”and weighed in at 275lbs as a rookie in 1959. Wilts parents Olivia Johnson and William Chamberlain had nine total children, Wilt Chamberlain being born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on August 21st 1936. Chamberlains Mother worked as a homemaker and domestic worker while his father was good with his hands working as an welder. Chamberlain himself contributed to the family income working as a bellhop at a local hotel. Although Wilt is known for being a giant…

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