Community and Population Health Essay

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Community and Population Health SZT1 Task 4
Joann Stocks
Western Governors University

Community and Population Health SZT1 Task 4 A. Explain the role of the major public health personnel, including the public health nurse, involved in the disaster. The public health personnel are responsible to make sure the community that had become a victim of a disaster is healthy and safe. They also assess and evaluate what the immediate and long term issues are. The public health personnel are made up of a team. The major team includes finance/administration chief, logistics chief, public information officer, operations chief, liaison officer, planning chief, and public health nurse. Members of the public health personnel
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The nurse would also contact certain resources that would help provide the needs of the victims. When the nurse arrived back to the EOC, he/she would inform the medical/health branch director his/her findings. The medical/health branch director then reports back to the chiefs and officers who make up the EOC team. C. Discuss the resources available to the community health nurse when encountered with possible emergency situations during the door-to-door interviews. The first resident the nurse visited needed help to clean up household chemical waste. The community nurse was able to provide an Environmental Health Specialist to teach the resident how to clean up the chemical waste. For the second resident, the community nurse provided necessary supplies (simulation didn’t state what but assuming things such as food and water). The nurse also had social services available to help provide other resources. The third resident was Spanish speaking. The nurse was able to provide information on running a generator properly in the home and a Spanish interpreter. The fourth resident had a medication shortage. The nurse was able to help him transfer to a shelter where he can get access to more of his medication faster. The community nurse also had access to other resources. There was the fire department and EMS to help with providing medical care and

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