Describe Your Professional Goals

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Describe your professional goals and reasons for seeking the master 's degree in the identified specialty.
I was 14 years old sitting on my couch in my living room watching TLC a baby story; My mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I remember my mother calling me “Rachelle! It’s time for dinner!” Despite hearing my mother call me several times, my focus had been primarily on watching the TV. I was so amazed by the miracle of life. I remember thinking, Wow, that was the most incredible thing I had have ever seen! I knew from that very moment, that I wanted to work with pregnant women and babies!
Hence, knowing my calling from such a young age I began to prepare myself for a path in healthcare. I began volunteering at a local hospital.
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Women’s Health Nurse Practioners (WHNP) must be fast learners and have the willingness to pursue extended education as necessary. They must have the ability to lead and manage other nursing staff in a variety of nursing environments, implying that they must also have excellent communication skills. Most importantly, WHNP must be competent in health assessment and diagnosis by employing various tools and techniques to assess and synthesize clinical data. Moreover, WHNP must demonstrate competence in health promotion, healthcare management, and therapeutic intervention by collaborating with other healthcare professionals, clients, and family members in making informed clinical decisions. They also must have empathy and quick reasoning. Therefore, those preparing for this profession must possess a wide range of personal qualities and …show more content…
Currently, I am a registered nurse working in labor and delivery. In the near future, I aspire to become a certified nurse midwife and bring new lives into the world. Additionally, I would love to provide care to the at risk and under privileged patients. Therefore, a graduate degree from Kent University as a WHNP will enable me not only to realize my future career goals, but it will jump start the opportunity to continue advancing my nursing education in women’s health. By continuing to advance my education, I hope to obtain a Doctorate degree in Nursing Practice and hopefully be able to develop and implement new healthcare polices and procedures. I aspire to one day be CNO of a large hospital corporation or a Dean/Director of a nursing program for a large university. I am most certain that a graduate education from Kent University, in nursing will ensure that my practice will be informed by current theory, research, and clinical

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