Community College Education Should Be Tuition Free For Poor And Minority Students

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Community College Education We all know the costs to attend a college is a burden to everyone who has a low income. College costs have skyrocketed over the past decade, and there is a gap between tuition and family finances. According to the White House, “[They] have a straight forward plan to remove that barrier and expand the pathway to the middle class-by bringing the cost of community colleges down-down to zero. Zero-for anyone willing to work for it and for the institutions that meet certain basic requirements.” (Vice President, Joe Biden). Therefore, I think community college education should be tuition-free for poor and minority students who deserve equal opportunity if they are trying hard to accomplish their careers.
When President Obama unveiled a proposal to give every student in the United States the opportunity to attend community college free of charge, it naturally got our attention. Nowadays, when most jobs in the new economy will require some college degree, American workers need to have a good education. Essentially, the plan proposes that the federal government spend $60 billion in more than ten years over tuition and fees for full time and half time students who maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5 (Naughton). That means these students could receive three-quarters of the average cost of the community college from the federal government. Hence, Community colleges must commit to taking steps to strengthen programs and increase graduation rates,…

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