Essay about Community Assessment Of Ocala, Florida

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Community Assessment of Ocala, Florida
What is a Community Assessment? A community assessment provides an overview of the city as a whole and can be a focused assessment in the specific individuals’ surrounding area in which the individual resides. The assessment includes the location and description of the area, a makeup of the community (age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status), services provided and ease of access, safety issues of the public, and areas of concern in health care. All of which can be divided in age related subcategories and areas in need of improvement. This community assessment will also include how the role of the Registered Nurse can play a part in the Community.
Area Assessed? Ocala, Florida resides in Marion County, Florida located in the Northern part of the state. The city consists of both rural and suburban parts. Ocala is 44.83 square miles (U.S Census Bureau, 2010) and has a population of 58,218 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2015). Exploring the landmass offers a variety of scenery from the downtown business area to the Ocala National Forest full of greenery, rivers, lakes, springs, and wildlife. The housing availability ranges from apartments, single and multiple style homes, manufactured homes, and to trailer housing units. Some areas of housing are in gated communities and trailer parks but the majority ranging outside of dead restrictions. There is also multiple farms and ranches throughout the community.
Community Makeup?
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