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Marketing and the Healthcare System
Rondelle T. Petersen
HSA 315
May 6, 2013
Prof. Donna Pearson

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital – a 488-bed, private, not-for-profit hospital – is a leader in patient care that’s helped the Atlanta community gets better and stays well for more than a century. Named the top acute-care community hospital in metro Atlanta in U.S. News and World Report’s Best Hospitals list, Piedmont Atlanta consistently ranks in the top five among metro Atlanta hospitals in patient satisfaction scores. Piedmont Atlanta combines a personalized approach with innovative technologies to deliver treatments that set a new standard for excellence in care, including a
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Effective Marketing strategies require that health care organizations and providers understand the competition--including indirect competitors. Indirect competition represents any alternative choice to a product or service. Psychic competition refers to the mindsets of potential customers and their decisions to avoid care altogether. They do so out of fears or concerns about procedures, diagnoses or lifestyle impacts. By addressing these issues in their communications, health care providers can help to calm some of these fears and build trusting relationships with potential patients.
An outline strategy for marking Piedmont Hospital, to determine the utilization of its products and services is as follows: I. Professional Referral Marketing: A reliable and continuing stream of inbound patient referrals from other medical, dental or other professional sources is the lifeblood of many specialty providers. And whether it's a primary or secondary channel, professional referral sources can't be taken for granted. Doctor referrals do not happen by magic or simply because you are a good provider. Success requires a written plan and an unfailing system to preserve and grow the flow of professional referrals II. Internet Marketing: From websites and social media tools, to patient portals and mobile apps, online marketing is a mainstream channel for marketing, advertising and public relations. Exactly how you use the

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