College Is The Reward For Surviving High School Essay

1207 Words Mar 31st, 2016 5 Pages
“College is the reward for surviving high school” (Judd Apatow). My first day in college accurately resembled any preconceived expectations I initially had. As soon as I entered my first class I knew I was going to enjoy it a lot more than high school, but I realized almost instantaneously what I was getting into. Exceptionally long nights, abnormal scheduling, and a greater sense of personal accountability were the first things that came to my mind. It has been a rightful and rewarding change nonetheless. Generally my biggest concern and the concern of many of my peers involves the most painstaking aspect of college life. The large amount of payments. The thing is, I understand why they exist, and why they are so substantial. They are definitely a drag to pay, but at the same time their value may actually be fitting. College is a privilege that requires many credentials and admission requirements no matter where you go. It may require extensive expenses and payments, but that’s how college operates. You get admitted and are required to pay for the experience and all that you’re learning. That’s why I know for certain that college tuition should, and has to be, paid for in full and accepted as such.
College tuition shouldn’t be treated as a burden. Nothing that has significant numerical value is just free for you take, and college tuition just happens to be something that is treated the same way. From my perspective I see college as an esteemed representation of privilege…

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