Why Tuition Is The Cost Of College

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Over the past 30 years the cost of college has constantly escalated and grown to the point where it’s becoming more and more unaffordable and less and less of a realistic option for Americans, leaving many students and parents wondering why does college cost so much? Tuition is the amount of money students pay to attend college. There are various fees inside tuition. Sports and clubs the cost to stay current and build new infrastructure factuality salary the money paid to teachers to compensate for their excellent work and to ensure the school runs well colleges hire administration, which includes presidents, deans, and etc. every year over twenty million Americans walk through the doors of college seeking a better education and a chance at success in life. Two out three of those …show more content…
It’s a huge draw to attend a university that has great football team or a national champion basketball team. There are some twelve hundred institutions that form the NCAA with sports that vary from track to swimming. Examining the finical situation of each individual school however will cause many to question if it’s really worth it. Of the almost twelve hundred NCAA institutions only a few are able to generate a profit. This leaves the many others to lose millions of dollars. Not only are colleges and universities being financially irresponsible by constantly pumping money into a failing investment they are also valuing sports over academics. In 2010 schools on average spent on average spent seven times as much per athlete then per non athlete student. The worst example of this is the SCC conference that spends twelve times as much on athletic students than on non-athletic students. If the primary reason we go to colleges and universities is to get a quality higher education then why do so many universities place such infancies on sports rather than

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