College Tuition Should Be Free Essay

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I believe all students deserve a chance at higher education. College tuition should be free for hard working students around the country no matter the income or where they 're from. High achieving high school students should be awarded with a shot to prove themselves. Secondary Education is more important in today’s society. Just about all well paying jobs will soon require a bachelor’s degree. Minimum wage isn 't enough to support a familiar because the cost of living is rising as well. The tuition should be free because the national student loan debt is rising out of control, graduates struggle with loans years later, and some lower income families can’t afford the thousands it costs to go to college.

One might argue that is is too expensive
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This has been notices by hierarchy and programs have been put in place to aid students. For example, the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness and other student loan relief programs are available online. This program has been proven to have success already. In our state there is the TN Promise that offers two free years at any community college. Giving many more kids who meet the requirements an opportunity they normally wouldn 't get due to their circumstances.There are certain requirements, like a certain GPA, meetings you have to attend, and community service hours. For students that do well in the classroom and help out in the community they should have the opportunity to further their education.In the article -Clinton to offer free college tuition to millions of students- I read “Hillary Clinton announced plans Wednesday to offer free in-state tuition at public colleges and universities to students whose families earn up to $85,000 a year.” Right now it is only community college and a few technical schools, but I feel it should be available for big Universities as well. The start of community college is an effective start. It’s not a huge state university, however students are getting a shot at secondary education and a degree to better their

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