Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Every week, millions tune in to watch their favorite college teams compete in various sports. Billions of dollars are made from TV and radio casts of these games, all of which go to the universities the players are representing. Many college students, especially athletes, struggle to get by with a skinny budget and have difficulty supporting themselves. This is particularly sickening when college athletes produce vast amounts of revenue from TV ratings, attendance, and jersey sales for the university. Universities have so much to gain from their athletes, while they leave their athletes to barely scrape by. Although many believe that college athletes should be happy with school scholarships, the reality is that it is time for colleges to start paying their athletes. Colleges and universities have many …show more content…
Many athletes are investing up to the 20 hour weekly limit set by the NCAA, which does not account for film study and athletic training, not to mention the time that students spend in class and the numerous hours spent studying. How are college athletes supposed to get a job and support themselves if they spend all of their time on the field or in class? These athletes must be compensated for this commitment further than just scholarships. Few parents will be able to pay for their child’s living expenses, such as food and clothes. This leads to college athletes getting credit cards and amassing astonishing amounts of debt resulting in poor financial habits. Even when college athletes have tried to support themselves, they have been punished. Many current NFL athletes, AJ Green and Todd Gurley for example, were penalized in college for selling personalized memorabilia. They were just trying to make life easier for themselves, yet the NCAA still punished them. Clearly, college scholarships do not truly cover the full cost of living in

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