Argumentative Essay: Should College Education Be Free?

People go to college to have a better life where they are financially stable and they can have a job that they are passionate about. College education is a standard in which society deems necessary to be “qualified” not only for jobs but for intellectual conversation as well. Higher education is a luxury in most countries because of the importance of education. Education is powerful, it can take troubled kids and give them potential to the advancement of society rather than being part of “the statistic” that negatively affects society. All around the world, numerous countries have managed to make their higher education virtually free or inexpensive for their students. Although America has the potential to implement a similar system in its own …show more content…
Students pay trillions of dollars every year on higher education and as a society if we take on the task of free college education for everyone we must prepare to manage to pay some of the costs of students going to school. One of the biggest issues in America today is whether taxes should be higher on the wealthy. “its estimated $350 billion price tag for taxpayers — is anything but free. I don’t subscribe to the government making college debt-free for all, because someone is still paying the cost, including lower-wage-earning taxpayers who opted to not attend college” (Kelly). Until America has less conflict within the taxing system it cannot make any detrimental changes like implementing free college education. Public funding is an issue that many people have differing opinions about and raising taxes a good amount to support free public education will disappoint some people. In the college admissions process another factor that plays a big part is student population size. If college education becomes free, college would appeal to a lot high school seniors and people who want to return to school. This would create an issue of overpopulated universities and increased waitlist which would strain financial budgets of schools. Free college education for all cost a lot, perhaps too much for right now, and there are significant changes that we cannot ignore when we consider free college

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