Character Is Who You Really? Essay

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Character is who you really, truly are deep down inside. It starts with our thoughts and emotions and is shown by how we act. The choices that we make on how to respond in situations will determine if we have good character or bad character. Our upraising plays a part in our character as well but the parents cannot be blamed as they only have a short time frame with teaching their kids right from wrong. Maturity is another factor in our character.
Everyone has those not so good thoughts when things do not go their way or when some bad news happen to come up at an already bad time but it is a choice that we make on how to act upon those thoughts. A person with good character will take the time to think it through, find out what caused the problem, and come up with a solution all while learning what not to do again and how to prevent the problem the next time. A person with bad character will show the world their true colors by getting angry, yelling, and saying things that isn’t going to help the situation no matter what. Both characters may be faced with the same problem but the one with the better character is the one that will come out on top.
Our upraising will also play a part in our character. It is up to our parents to teach us right from wrong. If the parent does not discipline their child from an early age then it will be too late once the child gets older. The child will learn ways on how to make that parent give in and let them get away with doing something they…

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