Bullying Short Stories

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Zero, a boy living in a small town named Gwangju in South Korea. He is one of the best looking students among the top ten at Sevik High, but the look of his eye scares all students away from him. His lucks are on the opposite side of his looks. His rebellious nature causes him to fight for the things he cannot stand; for example, when other people just stand there when someone choose to take the wrong path and do horrible things to others.
One morning he wakes up to a cow 's “moo,” then runs into a car on the way to school, misses out on a very important college interview. So in other words, he is having an extremely terrible day.
Later that day, an old man calling himself Dios appears in front of him claiming that he is God and Zero’s life in great danger. In fact, the biggest fear of all human, Death
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Just look his eyes, it’s so scary.”
“Ahhhh! that just gave me the chills.”
Ignoring all the useless comments, Zero introduces himself to Juvia.
Without knowing what to say She just stands there as the cold front blows past her. She nods, “Hm.”
Zero on the other side is in between a conflict whether he should tell her this instance his reason for approaching her, but he thinks that it’ll scare her away and he’d have no chance with her.
She collects her thoughts ready to accept the gifts because no one has ever talked to her in a long time because she is all quiet in school so everyone assumed that she is not much outgoing, but pauses in disappointment thinking that he only wants to date her because of her looks.
“I’m not sure how to say this but I’m sorry,” she says.
“Well, what do you mean?” the he pauses “wait could it be that you have a boyfriend?”
Juvia nods in denial.
“So, you don’t want to date me. Ah! You think I’m

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