Bully Myth Essay

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The Bully Breed Myth There are many breed of dogs throughout the world. The bully breed of dogs such as, the American Pit bull Terrier, Staffordshire terrier, and Staffordshire bull terrier are all descendants of the ancient molosser dog from the British Isles. These medium size dogs were bred for hunting, protection, fighting, and bull baiting activities. These dogs served in the military, were presidential pits, and nanny dogs for parents. But, myths say these particular dogs have locking jaws, have a bite force of 1,600 pounds per square inch, and attack more people than any other breeds. Pit bull bred dog have extremely strong jaws that the public fear. The myth about Pit bull bred dog have locking jaws is completely false. Evidences …show more content…
Since Pitbull bred dogs were bred for blood sports, they needed to handled when their objective was over. So breeding in the trait of human friendliness, world prevent the handler for being bitten. According to the realpitbull.com Pit bull are misidentified and the actual number of attacks are lower than what is actually shown. (Harwelik, realpitbull.com). Many times attacks from other breeds the look similar to Pit bull Bred dogs such as: The American Bull Dog, Bull Terrier, Boxer, and many more. Since many of the dogs are from the ancient molosser dog, they all tend to have similar appearance, stature, and temperament. With this type of confusion the Pit bull bred dogs have taken on titles such as, man eaters or man biters. Pit bull avocets say Pit bull may snap and bite humans for no reason at any time. Dogs in general never bite people “out the blue.” There is always a reason for the dog behaviors. Sometimes people own Pit bull bred dog for the wrong reason. Many Pit bulls are kept in the yard tethered to a chain with no outlet for their energy. When released, a stressed dog is a disaster when given freedom. Dogs such as Rottweiler, German Shepard, and Labradors retrievers have higher attach rates than a Pit bull. Pit bull bred dogs would lick you to death first. The Pit bull bred dogs are wonderful dogs. They make great family pets, hunting, and exercising partners. The wonderful dogs are misunderstood by many people. With all this false information that is being spread, they have been given a bad name to the general public. Information such as locking jaws, overly strong jaws, and random attacks. Many people see these dogs as a threat to society. Pit bull bred dogs are nothing more than oversized lap

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