The Bully Breed Myth Of Dogs Essay

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The Bully Breed Myth There are many breed of dogs throughout the world. The bully breed of dogs such as, the American Pit bull Terrier, Staffordshire terrier, and Staffordshire bull terrier are all descendants of the ancient molosser dog from the British Isles. These medium size dogs were bred for hunting, protection, fighting, and bull baiting activities. These dogs served in the military, were presidential pits, and nanny dogs for parents. But, myths say these particular dogs have locking jaws, have a bite force of 1,600 pounds per square inch, and attack more people than any other breeds. Pit bull bred dog have extremely strong jaws that the public fear. The myth about Pit bull bred dog have locking jaws is completely false. Evidences show that the bully breeds of dogs have no difference in jaw structure compared to any other dog researched by a professor at the University of Georgia. The Pit bull bred dog have no locking jaw mechanism. This myth could have come about because of the determination when biting down and not releasing it prey to please his or her owner. There is no evidence locking jaw, but Pit bull bred dog tend to have snapping jaw when pried open with a break stick. The origins of these locking jaw myths came from the gripping method these to grip dogs, hogs, cattle, and other prey. All this means, that the dog has contracted it muscles to keep it jaw shut. If these dogs were to release an unruly bull, they would be killed and so could the owner. Even…

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