Challenges While Learning Modern And Ballet Techniques Essay

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As a freshman, in 2014, I attended the first few technique courses clueless about adapting to them and writing collegiate papers. Coming from a background of mainly jazz and tap, I knew I would face challenges while learning modern and ballet techniques. One of the many challenges I faced was learning to take advantage of my kinesphere. During each modern class, I was encouraged to dance bigger and really reach out in order for my movement to expand. Even though I found it to be a challenge, I was not aware of how large I could move, until I pushed myself.
Fall Semester 2014 Modern I (Dr. Sims)
Learning modern technique the fall semester of 2014 was definitely a challenge. I previously did not encounter any training in modern. I had to learn how to perform larger within my kinisphere. For myself, this meant expanding each movement as far out as my body would allow, even if it took me off balance. My goals during the semester were releasing my upper body during drop swings, keeping my foot connected to the ground during tendus, working on alignment, feeling the music, and shifting my weight. As I worked on my alignment, I focused on my torso while also trying to keep my pelvis and core engaged. For example, while doing a tendu phrase, I tried to focus more on pulling up through my torso in order to pull the working foot in easier. Every time I received feedback, I made it a goal to improve day by day. As midterms approached, I felt like I had just entered my comfort zone…

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