Cellphone And Social Media Addiction Essay

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Cellphone and Social Media addiction
These years, the technology becomes more and more important, it became part of people 's life and bring us a lot of conveniences, but the rapid development of the technology have also made tons of problem. By the technology development, the social media apps got the chance to be popular, people start to use multiple apps to communicate with each other’s. The popularity of the cell phone and social media apps also bring some bad effect to the teenagers. There is a statistic on the professional research internet shows that “Users aged between 15 and 19 spend at least 3 hours per day on average using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.” The first thing they do in the morning is to check their phone to see if there any new message. The teenager addicted to their phone and the multiple social media apps make many parents worried about their child, since they just hold their phone and checking it everywhere at any times. The environment and the technology development let the teenager get in touch with tons of technology device and all kinds of social media, these also bring them to addicts and many other problems. Parents and Some researcher and professional gives the idea, the problem of teenager are addicted to the mobile phone and the social media apps can be solved by parents taking control, limit the time the teenager spending on their phone, or only focus on few social media apps. From all the resource, the

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