Case Study: Novotel Auckland Ellerslie Hotel

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Hotel: Novotel Auckland Ellerslie Hotel
The hotel is known as their quality of their service of the customer and the better hospitality to the consumer is reason of the many tourist attraction in all over the world in the New Zealand.
Waste management:
Novotel Auckland Ellerslie Hotel use to operate a glass, plastic bottle and paper as the recycle policy. They use to reuse their most of things and it also helps them to work for the eco-friendly and as well these also help in the business that they can work for their environment as well. It is responsibility of the hotel that the hotel should reuse the most of the things in the business. as they can work on the less wastage in the business. (k, 2010)
Water management:
Novotel Auckland Ellerslie
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Include Qualmark environ rating.
It is necessary and heavy demand of the people of the new Zealand and other world that the we use the eco-friendly product in the business. Make the environment better as possible. Without any doubt, if we want to fresh healthy and give better place to live to our upcoming generation than we have to take the good steps that makes the environment more better to survive. In the above we had explain about the Novotel Auckland Ellerslie Hotel environment policy towards their business and other hotels that they need to follow in their business. (Agar,
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In the hotel business, we can say that the customer comes for the various reasons in the business. The hotel use to do various work to attract the maximum customer toward their business. The better quality of the hotel service that helps the business to most of their hotel booked.
As the 4+ star is given to the hotel that shows that the hotel is provide a good level of the service and they can easily attract the most white collar and high-income people towards the business. as the start of the hotel increase the quality and service of the hotel is increase and the price of their service goes high. (k, 2010)
The hotel is famous for their quality of the service that hotel work with the most of their quality service. The hotel is also get famous for their value based strategy in the hotel as the hotel provide the quality of the service that does not charge much money from their consumers. (Agar,

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