Case Study : Carl Robins 's Job For Six Months As A Campus Recruiter For Abc, Inc.

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Case Study Analysis
Carl Robins has only been on the job for six months as a campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., and he is setting up his first hiring and orientation for the Operations Supervisor. He was hoping to hold the orientation on June fifteenth and have all of the new workers working by July. When the Operations Supervisor checked in with him in May, he assured her everything would be prepared in time. That led him to double check his progress that revealed that he was nowhere near prepared. He realized that there was missing paperwork, no drug tests completed, and orientation books were also missing pages. The worst part of it all was that Carl never reserved the training room and now, it was scheduled for the entire month of June. There are a couple of different ways to make a new plan. The best method I can think of is first to reserve the room, get all paperwork in order, and of course ensure he does everything in the most professional and proper way.
The first issue to address is reserving the training room. Carl must reserve it for the first day of July so that he doesn 't get too far behind schedule. The new hires ' start date will be pushed back significantly. After that small step is taken care of, he must focus on fixing this disaster he has created. The next step is to deal with the missing paperwork. The best option in my opinion is to host a day in June for all of the trainees to come in and complete the application process. If needed, he may…

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