Sean P. Brenn Case Study

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Kyley Scott 919 Washington St., Reading, Pa. 19601 (610) 790-4314 was advised of the identity of Investigator Sean P. Brennan and of the confidential nature and purpose of the interview, Scott, provided the following information:

Scott said she was employed by Security Guards Inc, WSK & Associates Consulting Group 600 North Park Road, Wyomissing, Pa. 19610 (610) 375-4747 for 8 years. She has been laid off since February 2015. Scott worked in her fathers, Wally Scott, courtroom until he retired then she worked in Judge Hadzick courtroom.

Scott explained that her father retired in December 2014 and Judge Hadzick took over in January 2015. On January 8th, Scott was sitting at her desk outside the judge’s courtroom when she noticed her coffee cup leaking. She wiped it clean then she noticed a pin size hole in the cup and coffee was seeping out. Judge Hadzick was standing there with Constable Keith Armao when the judge said
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Karen told her that this was an “HR” problem and she would have to contact them and she would get back to her. Karen called her back and told her they were sending a replacement over and that she would have to meet with the HR Director to tell them what happened. Scott waited for her relief then went to her company and met with the Director and Karen and she told them what happened. Scott wasn’t sure who told her but they said she had to come back the next day.

The next day Scott said she was led into a conference room where the HR Director, Faith Phillips, Steve Weber, who was from the County, and another person were sitting waiting for her. Weber said something about it not being a County problem and the Director called her a liar. The Director said he spoke to the constables and they didn’t know anything. The Director told her he wasn’t going to look into it any

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