California 's System Of Governance Essay

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California has been changed from the last few decades, some of the identified problems that had been found with the California’s system of governance that negatively impact the governability and budget ability of California had been solved by the changes of the rules that California made from old rules to new rules. Today, I would tell Trounstein and Roberts that California represents the eighth-largest economy in the world ( California’s companies grew 4.7 percent during the first three-quarters of the last year, which makes the total market of California grew to $2.3 trillion from $2.2 trillion in 2013 (Course Reader, pg 186). California represents one of the highest corporate income tax rates and is ranked 4th among the states ( California states to be ranked as number 1 state for manufacturing, producing $239 billion or 12 percent of all manufacturing in the U.S (Course Reader, pg 186). California’s business tax seems on the average according to the average of the world, as it was said by the organization’s senior director of policy Joseph R Crosby “ California is pretty middle- of- the -pack when it comes to business taxes” California takes about 4.7% of what a business produce in taxes, which happens to be the national average (Course Reader, pg 187). Also, California rates the 13th of 50 states in the poverty rate. It has an above-average state sales tax rate and it limited property tax rates ( California…

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