Budweiser Lost Food Advert Analysis

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Budweiser Commercial the “Lost Dog”
Marketing of products involves a lot of activities such as proper branding, packaging and advertisement of the product among other activities. Advertising involves the display of the product in social media pages, television channels and even on radio channels. Advertising of products has been shown to have a positive effect on the sale of products in that it increases the knowledge about the existence of the product, how it is used and even where to get the product. Many companies prefer on- screen advertisements on TV channels or during events such as basketball matches, football matches and even fashion shows. This is according to the target audience for instance a beer product advertisement will be appropriately
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Budweiser “lost dog” commercial was unveiled during a super bowl, this was a good timing since million people gathers together in the stadium. The ad is very effective since its markets the product through friendship and festivity among friends. The puppy gets lost and by the help of his friend the horse, he finds his way home (Henry, 2014, p. 7). This illustrates that true friendship is developed through experiences and that friendship is a journey not an event. The beer company then endorses its product as one that promotes true friendship. Though, many super bowl advertisement are characterized by humor to reel the audience, in this case, it is different, the advert seeks to appeal to the emotional side of the audience and thus capturing their attention which is one of the key items that is needed to make sure that an advert is effective and reaches the target market as well as appeal to other individuals who have not yet had the product (Wayshak, 2014, p. …show more content…
The message that Budweiser is a beer that promotes friendship is relayed so simply in the advertisement using the story between the puppy and the horse. This is one of the requirements of a good advert in that it is simple to understand and conceptualize but the same time it appeals to the target audience. This therefore increases the sales as most consumers prefer taking products that they can trust when it comes to quality and one that has a personal feel and they can identify with (Wayshak, 2014, p.

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