Cold War Propaganda Essay

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Register to read the introduction… However, from the start, the alliance between the world's leading economic power, the world's largest colonial empire and the world's first Communist state was marked by mutual distrust and ideological tension. The Cold War began shortly after the end of World War II over disagreements on how postwar Europe should be rebuilt. While neither side ever “officially” fought the other, as the consequences would be too appalling with the Soviet Union’s Red Army and the Americans possession of the A-bomb, they did wage an incredible war of …show more content…
Their propaganda described the Soviet society as a modern, progressive culture. While they relied upon a variety of resources for propaganda, their posters were the Soviet’s most influential pieces. These posters focused upon the achievements of Russian communists politically, economically and technologically. Domestically, these posters aimed at increasing government support and building patriotism. Many posters focused upon anti-American sentiments. The American capitalist was portrayed as a large, plump old man dressed in a tuxedo and hat. Typical actions of the capitalist in Soviet posters included withholding grain from hungry peasants or running over children with his shiny car. These posters attacked the benefits of the wealth that result from capitalism, while other posters showed the effects of capitalism on …show more content…
Consumers have become oblivious to the propagandistic qualities of advertising but are not immune to its effects. Look at the successful marketing of Energizer batteries with its creation of its Energizer Bunny®. Since 1989, Energizer has featured its bunny in their commercials, hammering the simple message ‘it keeps going and going...’ into the minds of consumers.

Energizer is an excellent example of a company that has successfully ensured consumers understand their product message by employing the techniques of propaganda. When watching a commercial for Energizer, consumers now immediately associate the infamous pink bunny to the Energizer product. For it’s success, the Energizer Bunny® campaign was recognized as one of the Top Five Advertising Icons of the 20th Century, and has received multiple television advertising awards.

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