Branding Essay

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Entrepreneur magazine defines branding as the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products(. A brand lives or dies with the perception of the consumer. If a customer perceives from a company’s marketing efforts that a product is the best thing out there, then they will purchase it. But ultimately great brands are built on great products. If I am wooed in by the promise of a great brand then it has to deliver everything that it promised. There are no shortcuts, however I have witnessed where a brand is handled like the “cart before the horse”. The marketing is flawless but the product is awful. Therefore the life of the brand is greatly diminished when there …show more content…
(2013) The Harvard Business Review cites a 2009 article that researched what they called “the consumer decision journey” (CDJ) as it relates to branding. They stated that they developed a model from a study of the purchase decisions of nearly 20,000 consumers across five industries and three continents. The conclusion was that today’s consumers go through different stages of engagement with a brand outside of just the purchase. The stages included: consider, evaluate, buy, and enjoy, advocate, bond.(Dec. 2010) These days, marketers have to reach the consumer on many more levels than in the past. The days of obtaining new business through tv and radio ad repetition are all but over. Marketing firms must utilize multiple different tiers of advertising to impress a consumer. And even then, the consumer will look at reviews or collect as much information as possible before making a purchase . Companies seem fixated more on developing and maintaining a brand than they are on the quality of the product. People find value in good products. In order to balance the two dynamics of great products, great brands, I would deliver value first with a great product and then follow up with marketing efforts. I would benchmark my marketing and allow some of the loyalty to grow organically. I would then implement a marketing push on a larger scale while the greatness of the product bubbles on social media, blogs and user forums. In the end, there is no doubt

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