Branding In Health Care Organizations: A Case Study

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Marketing in health care has become an essential element for organizations to be successful. The article “Concepts in service marketing for healthcare professionals” states that fundamental service marketing principles can be used by health care organizations to win patient satisfaction and loyalty, as well as allow the organization to remain competitive in the present day market economy (Corbin, Kelley, & Schwartz, 2011). One way health care organizations can successfully achieve marketing their services or products is by using branding. Branding is defined as a marketing strategy of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies a product (Branding, 2016). Services or products provided by a health care organization should be branded in …show more content…
One consequence is the consistency of a product, and it’s lifecycle for successful use. For example, the article “Conceptualisation of branding: Strategy based on the Indian pharma sector”, states that a problem within in pharmaceutical industry lies in consistent product improvement cycle, which leads to new brands being regularly launched at the expense of existing brands (Sanya, Datta, & Banerjee, 2013). Another unexpected negative consequence of branding involves missing the target audience. Health care organizations may experience a negative impact of branding by not reaching the correct audience, or reaching few costumers. Additionally, branding a service or product that is not relative to the target audience can cost organizations instead of making profit. Lastly, a negative consequence of branding could be losing patient trust and loyalty by branding the wrong service. It is crucial for health care organizations to do research to determine the target audience, and their needs and wants before branding any service or product offered. Health care organizations needs to know the market, and how to make a successful impact with their branding in order to be

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