Analysis Of Tecate Commercial

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Akira Matzuo
October 25, 2016
Professor Brody
Tecate Commercial
Want to stop from losing millions of dollars before it happens? Many companies now usually make mistakes when trying to appeal to customers and they either work or end up losing millions. In the commercial “TecateBeerWall” you have a group of men meeting each other in the U.S.A/Mexico border and they talk about great wall, this magnificent wall and then say that the wall is Tecate beer wall and it will unite all of us (USATecate, 2016) and it was funny but was not well thought about since it takes a stab at Donald Trump. Upon further review of the cast, setting and brand messaging, “#TecateBeerWall” must change or take out this commercial because it seemingly shows making
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Branding is very important because it is essential what your product or company is remembered for. It gives you an image it can be either good or bad. Two authors explain the importance of branding and say this “The purpose of branding is to create high brand familiarity and positive brand image, which contribute to the building of brand equity” (Chan-Olmsted & Kim, 2003, para. 3). In other words, the authors are trying to say that branding is what will get your company image out there and that it should be a good image so it could help with revenue. If a company is to hope to look good they must have good branding to be a good success. The commercial to ordinary people is funny but it has a huge flaw. The “#TecateBeerWall” makes fun of Presidential candidate Donald Trump and how he says that he wants to build a wall between the U.S/Mexico border. They even try to sort of use some of the things he has said and although it is funny it is somewhat inappropriate. The presidential race this year has proved to be controversial and it would be best for Tecate to stay clear from it. Some people could even get offended and that would hurt financial by people not wanting to buy the …show more content…
However, they do fail to have any female actors in the commercial which could be looked at as bad. In the entire commercial you just see men looking at each other and then sharing the Tecate beer together (USATecate, 2016), and not once is a woman present. It could be looked at as sexist that the beer is not meant for women. Or that women aren’t that interested in the beer. A quick and easy way to fix this is just to at least add a female in the commercial and it would be fine. In a article it says that “More men than women are presented I television commercials, the basis for the credibility of those men and women who are presented differs as do their roles, their location, their argument on behalf of a product and the rewards they reap for using a product” (McArthur & Resko, 1975, para. 1). Here the authors of the article say how women are almost in no commercials and that the men are preferred more. This is not a good sign because products now should be able to appeal and include all genders. And in the commercial they did just that they did not include any women when they should

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