Branding And Franchising Case Study

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Branding and Franchising:

What is branding? Branding is having a trademark or image for your business in order for the public to recognise your business. Branding is trying to perceive your values in your advertising, and by giving your company a recognisable appearance and personality. Franchising is a marketing strategy to help attract customers and keep their loyal customers. Its often a relationship between two groups which have the same goal to market the business. Example, to get and keep more customers than their competitors. The franchise will often sell the products that other franchises sell, but will do a particular form of marketing in that area of franchise to help the public identify that specific franchise. To have a brand
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The Mc Donalds brothers had this idea of having a small fast food restaurant, with fast service and good quality food, but Ray had this big idea of building the Mcdonalds and its fast food industry upwards, by increasing the number of McDonald franchises all over the state. The brothers and Ray had conflict when it came to agreeing to things and making decisions about Ray’s bigger ideas, examples of these could be:
Ray wanted to introduce powered instant milkshakes. This was the scene where Joan meets him at a fancy restaurant to discuss these new powered milkshakes, where you pour the powered milkshake into the water and creates a normal, delicious milkshake. Ray really likes this idea, as McDonalds do not have enough refrigerator and freezer space for milkshakes and ice creams they produce. The brothers thought it defeated the object of having authentic, real milkshakes and they had a conflicted situation.
Another example is, Ray wanted to open a few franchises of McDonalds, where as the brothers wanted to keep it small by only having one McDonalds in California, they then had a conflicted situation about this
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Ray signs a contract, but because of his great ideas and how much he loves McDonalds, he steals the brothers idea, and origin and makes it his own. He buys and invests in land and builds his own franchises of Mcdonalds and decided to call it his idea and business, and stated he was the founder of Mcdonalds. He was partners with the brothers, but took advantage of the situation and used it to create his own business and franchises without informing the brothers about what was

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