Code Of Ethics Of Primark

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Primark notes
Definition of business ethics-Ethics are moral principles that guide the way a business behaves.Acting in an ethical way means that companies distinguish between “right” and “wrong” and then making the “right” choice in relation to moral choices. Companies can easily highlight whether a decision is an unethical or ethical business practices. For example, companies should not use child labour.

Primark’s mission statement, corporate aims and objectives
Primark’s mission statement is “To provide quality clothing at prices perceived to offer real value.” (Source- however as a low cost store must find ways in which to offer value and great quality products ethically or they could receive bad publicity in the
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In 2010 Primark got involved in a long-term programme to improve working conditions of its employees in China. Primark are working with its suppliers on providing advice on how to ensure productivity and sustainability but also how to ensure better working environment conditions.
In India, Primark has engaged with NGO’S to aid them in challenging the issues some of Primark’s employees face in communities in countries such as India.This joint programme between NGO’S and Primark conducts surveys of workers to find out information about the issues they face at work and provides support where needed. They also provide information and advice on issues such as the rights of women, safety at work, and labour laws.Primark is also in a partnership with Geosanar which aims to bring banking services to worker communities in
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This page details to stakeholders the initiatives that Primark has entered into so that they are ac ting in an ethical manner for example Primark now only provides its recycled paper bags which are made from waste cardboard and paper in stores which makes them environmentally friendly. Primark has also written extensively on their website about the Rena Plaza tragedy in which activists found Primark, Mango and Matalan labels in the rubble. After investigation it was found that the factory was inadequately built to health and safety standard, the working conditions were bad and the employees were working very long hours for approximately 80p a day since the accident Primark has offered the relatives and survivors long term compensations and provided emergency aid.The Primark Website also details the fact they now carry out structural inspections on all factories it uses for its products , this was 2,058 factories in 2013 after the Rena Plaza tragedy brought to light key

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