Benefits Of Tablets For Education

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Tablets for Education Tablets used everyday in different ways. A tablet is a mobile device. A tablet is smaller than a computer or laptop and can do the almost everything a computer can do. One way a tablet is used is for educational purposes. Tablets is used everyday in schools to teach, and students want more use of a tablet. Tablets has changed the way students learn and the way teachers teach. Learning from a tablet has many benefits and is very effective in a student 's life as well it can be pricey to provide every student will tablets. Students are being thought how to use tablets in school and being used to replace many items in a classroom. In Walsh’s article, she mentions students want more from tablets. They want word games for …show more content…
As Harrison mentions in her article, there are applications (or apps) that will help with language deficits to communicate and they can customize the students needs (Harrison). If a student needs a little more help in one subject there will be extra activities to help the students understand the subject. It also can show how they are improving, such as in a reading program it will show if a student is improving in reading skills or needs more help. This is when a teacher can come in a give one on one help. Tablets can show progress reports to teachers and parents allowing them to see where the student is needing help or is succeeding. As Logan mentions in her article, researchers suggest that tablets and apps can improve learning, improve test scores and students attendance. In a reading app students have scored higher and vocabulary scores have increased by more than 20 percent (Logan). This has shown how learning on a tablet has been effective. Teachers also have concerns about the tablets. Bacon mentions in her article that some teachers concerns of teaching a class of independent learners. There is also a concern of students visiting sites other than the ones they need to use (Bacon). Teaching students that are all at different levels will be very difficult. Some students will be behind while others have finish the course. While some students will be surviving the web other than doing school …show more content…
Tablets can easily replace books soon. Making it easier and lighter for students to carry. Tablets are also inexpensive, it will be cheaper to buy a tablet then school technology(Logan), mention in Logan’s article. A tablet will be very useful and be worth buying. It can replace the use of paper in many ways for a teacher. Grades, attendance and notes can easily be stored on tablet. The whole school can easily be saving paper. Homework for students will be on tablet and the teacher can see if the student logs in and how much time is spend on the course. As great as it sounds to use tablets they are pricey. Loop mentions in her article, “Providing pricey iPads to students may mean making cuts elsewhere impacting other departments or aspect of classroom instruction such as music or visual arts program” (Loop). This can be true is tablets will be purchase and there is a budget for the school maybe other departments will need to close down. This can impact the student. There will also be problem if the need of e books and applications will be purchase, as it cost money as well. Tablets in classroom has changed the way students learn and teachers teach. Students are learning in the 21st century with tablets. Tablets are replacing many items in a classroom and it shows tablets will be effective in a classroom as well they will be

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