Being A Physician Assistant Essay

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A physician's assistant or PA can prescribe medication, order lab test and counsel patients! PAs work under the supervision of doctors in medicine and surgery. Physicians Assistants may also become a principal care provides in unserviced areas when a doctor is only able to see patients a few times a week. they also may make house calls or go to nursing homes and report back to the doctor. Exact jobs may differ based on the medical practice they work in. In most jobs they perform the same or similar jobs as the supervising doctor. Physician’s assistants may also perform minor treatments such as stitches, splints and casts. They can also order physical therapy. If they are qualified they can give physical therapy. Physician’s assistants are also allowed to prescribe certain medications. …show more content…
In smaller practices they may be in charge of combining medical duties and administrative duties. The wages of a physician assistant may vary based on experience level. Entry wage of a physician assistant, In wisconsin, is approximately $82,000 annually. After a few years the median wage PA is approximately $91,880 annually. Lastly an experience wage is approximately $108,830 annually. One advantage of this job is there are many options of places working such as hospitals, private practices, clinics, and health management organizations (HMOs). A con of being a Physician Assistant is that they come in close physical contact with patients and the masks only minimize risks of contracting the disease. This a con of many health care professions but by wearing masks and protective gear it cuts the risk of getting the disease by a very large amount. Another disadvantage of working as a PA is if you are in a hospital you may be forced to work late nights, holidays, and weekends. This would be a disadvantage because once you start a family these three times are when you spend most of the time with

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