Being A Minority Practitioner Of An Institutional Religion Essay

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Being a minority practitioner of an institutional religion can be at times a difficult undertaking. Theologies deriving from such religions (in most cases) do not consult experiences nor social context. Theses theologies and the institutions advocating them, demand that everyone apply and practice these values in an identical fashion. This is impossible. Societies do not treat nor approach every community in the same fashion, so why should religion not take this factor into account? This is the dilemma of Black Catholics as we in navigate the theological, philosophical, and racial tensions within the American Catholic Church. There is a disconnect between the leadership of the Church in America and the needs and experience of the Black Community. As the course engaged the concepts of Liberation Theology as it relates to the human condition and the understanding of the systematic nature of our society, I’ve gained practical knowledge on confronting the leadership of the Church in a way that seeks to produce new norms within the broader American Catholic community. This new found theological knowledge can be categorized into three specific messages: Dialogue in the context of the profound mystery of the Mystical Body of Christ, Respect of personhood and the Dignity of human life in the pursuit of Human Flourishing, and the Creation of new theology centered on the Resurrected (and living) Christ found within the Black American experience.
Dialogue and the Mystical Body of…

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