World Class Student

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Becoming a World Class Student
According to, world-class is a person or thing who is among the best in the world. A world class engineering student is the same. Being a world class engineering student means to be part of the best group of engineering students. However, in order to be a world-class engineering student, we need to develop a plan that has the necessary elements that require this type of student. Through the course “Fundamental of Success of Engineering Student,” I have learned important elements to form part of this prestigious group. In my personal opinion, the best plan to be a world- class students require following steps such as goal setting, community building, academic development, and personal development.
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Even though this type of students usually have good grades, they consider that asking for extra help is always the best solution to solve different doubts that they have during the classes. World -class students will use resources such as learning coach, tutoring, academic advising, and taking office hours because it can improve their abilities to have better grades and understanding of different subjects. I can say that I am currently using these resources, but on some occasions, I do not use them effectively. In some cases, I met with a learning coach. She planned for me week schedules in which I organized my homework, exercises, and papers during the week. However, after going for 10 weeks, I realized that I could make these weeks’ schedules by myself. However, I forgot that not only a learning coach makes schedules, but also advise you to find the way to be successful. This learning coach also helps to correct all the mistakes that I did during my tests. Another resource that I have used is tutoring which it has help me in several things. For example, tutoring has improved my abilities to understand better my math classes because tutoring can solve the doubts that I have before or after class. I can express myself that I frequently go to tutoring to ask for advice or to do my lap plus homework together with my math tutor. Taking office hours also has been a great resource …show more content…
Having adequate time to study is one of the most important. As a freshman, I consider that I have to learn how to organize my time to have more time to study. Even though I have been visiting a coach to solve it, I spend a lot of time on homework and projects. For this reason, on many occasions, I have to study the day before for a test. However, if I want to be a world-class engineering student, I need to change this behavior to achieve a better time management. Studying the material of one class before the next class comes is another behavior that I have to change. This behavior is related to the time management I know that if I achieve a good time management, this behavior will be easier to achieve. However, I recognize the importance that this behavior has, and I will achieve the best time management to incorporate this behavior into my academic life. Reading ahead, attempting an extra problem, and asking questions are behaviors that have achieved working hard. Reading ahead is difficult because there are so many reading in a subject such as Chemistry. However, I started reading 5 pages a day for several weeks. After doing it, I noticed that I was understanding more my chemistry classes because I already knew was the professor was talking about. Attesting extra problem and asking questions also improved my capacity to learn during the class. My last behavior that I

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