Becoming A World Class Student Essay

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Becoming a World Class Student
According to, world-class is a person or thing who is among the best in the world. A world class engineering student is the same. Being a world class engineering student means to be part of the best group of engineering students. However, in order to be a world-class engineering student, we need to develop a plan that has the necessary elements that require this type of student. Through the course “Fundamental of Success of Engineering Student,” I have learned important elements to form part of this prestigious group. In my personal opinion, the best plan to be a world- class students require following steps such as goal setting, community building, academic development, and personal development.
First of all, the first step to become a world class student is setting a goal, Raymond B. Landis in his book “Studying Engineering,” defines a goal as an idea of what you want to achieve in a long or short period of time (12). A world- class engineering student would want to be graduating from college within the 5 years, with a high GPA, and with lots of educational experiences. I can consider myself in the first stages of this process. I am I freshman with a standard GPA, and without so many educational experiences. If I ask myself what I have to do in order to become this type of world-class student I am going to say that I want to achieve my mechanical engineering degree in four years studying hard without…

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