The Importance Of Progress With Study And University Life

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How have you progressed with study and university life? How would you describe your progress during the year?

In my university life, I managed to become an independent learner compared to my secondary life. All of the changes I had in the year were not easy to me. When I joined the life as a university student, I knew that I have to make some changes on my studies. In order to do that, I pointed out my weaknesses and I would find solutions to strengthen my weaknesses. One of my weaknesses was my time management. I was not able to arrange my time properly and I was spending most of my time on tuitions and sports. Besides that, I rarely study and wasted my time on looking at the social media just to update the news. However, because of my
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The challenges I faced was the passing marks are high. Examination is important because it will affect my future career. If I cannot manage to score well in my examinations, I might not be able to proceed to the next study level. Everyone knows that time is precious so there is no point of repeating the same foundation year. I believe that my examination result depends on how much effort I put in my studies. Moreover, another challenge that I was having that time is I could not catch up my study. I thought that foundation year was an easy year for me but I was wrong. There are 6 modules in my foundation year and everything is related to the basic knowledge of engineering. There are a lot of topics that I never learn before so I need to spend more time on those topics. The third challenge is that I have to do self-learning for some topics. Self- learning is not easy because I need to understand the topic by myself without anyone explaining the concept of the topic to me. As a university student, I was manageable to overcome all my challenges and become an independent …show more content…
I need to study hard during my study so that there are companies that are willing to hire me. Moreover, I want to gain more experiences such as having internship in my university life. I believe a good engineer needs to gain experiences by real life working and not just by studying. All the knowledge that is applied into jobs comes from the experience itself, not from the textbooks. I believed that life offered some opportunities for those young people with passion and high ambition so I need to grasp the opportunity I have. I hope that I can contribute something to the society. Technologies are getting more advanced and consumers are demanding higher technology such as devices that will bring convenience to their daily life. I hope one day I can create or modify a mechanic device and help to change the world into a brighter future. This is the reason of me joining foundation in engineering. My objective would not change no matter how many difficulties I would face in the

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