Jonah Lehrer: Blame It On The Brain

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Every student start a new semester with a promise to study better. So I am not the exception. I always promise myself to become a better student, to do my homework and assignments on time,to concentrate all my attention on studying, to be punctual and more organized. Unfortunately, there a lot of factors that have a negative influence on my studying . I have some problems with self-discipline, time-management and daily routine that distracting me.Recently I have read the article by Jonah Lehrer “Blame it on the brain”. It helped me to understand a lot of things that I was doing in a wrong way. It describes a few experiments which show how our brain works and relates to the behaviour I want to change this semester.I have some problems with insomnia. I can’t manage my time in the right way that directly …show more content…
Undergraduates were divided in two groups. The first group was given a two-digit number to remember and the second a seven-digit number. After they were asked to walk down the hall and were suggested two different snacks: chocolate cakes and bowls of fruit salad. As a result, most of students from the first group preferred fruit salads and most of students from the second group chose chocolate cakes. Students with extra numbers made more effort to remember the given information than students from the other group, so their willpower was too weak to resist a chocolate cake. So when I need to focus on doing my homework, I’ll free my mind and if I remember something important I’ll write it down.The article “Blame it on the brain” helped me to realize a lot of things that I should do to become a better student, and what strategies I should use to develop my student’s skills that absolutely relate to my success. It showed me what I need to do to get a second marshmallow as a reward or that fact that we need “a real lemonade” for our

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