Essay on Becoming A Social Work Program

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When I switched my major from Psychology to Social Work, I was deadset on getting my Bachelors in Social Work in two years and graduating in the spring. I have spent most of my time in college as a part-time student and was happy to know that the Social Work program had a very specific track for full-time and part-time students. In order to achieve my goal of completing the program in two years, I followed the full-time track. In the summer, I took 6 credit hours for some prerequisites, in the fall, I took 12 credit hours, and currently, in the Spring, I am also taking 12 credit hours. I feel that taking about 30 credit hours this academic year was something that I was capable of doing and something that allowed me to achieve more in a certain period of time. I felt more engaged in my classes and I was able to see how what I learned in one class applied to two of my other classes. I was afraid that switching from being a part-time student to a full-time student would be difficult. I thought my grades would slip, that I wouldn’t be able to handle the work load, and that I would have less time to dedicate to other important things, such as family and work.
So the great thing (and sometimes not so great things) about the full-time social work track is that there are certain courses you need to take for each semester as some courses are only available in one semester of the year. My majors academic advisor was a big help and together we were able to make a plan of all the…

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