Reflective Essay: My Experience As A Therapist

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I have never experienced therapy, but always had imagined how the process would be. I pictured a couch and a therapist on a fancy chair like in the movies, and I would just lay there and vent about my problems. Initially, I was very excited to see someone whom I can speak with and possibly help me resolve my issues, but that excitement did not last long. Anxiety kicked in as I got a phone call from the therapist, informing me that we would start next week. I started to become very nervous about the whole client-therapist relationship, for what if I did not connect with. I was hesitant that she might not understand me or be very judgmental; a part of me was afraid to discuss my issues because I didn’t know if she was trustworthy. Also, since we were being observed for class requirement it became even more uncomfortable. I felt somewhat apprehensive …show more content…
In the first session, it seemed awkward and somewhat difficult to start the conversation. But eventually after some silence we started a conversation and it led to a topic that I was anticipating on. I was able to speak my mind while I could see her attentively listening to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the therapist, but pouring my heart out, and having her listen was a huge relief on my end. She was very reflective and sensed my frustration as I was speaking. My feelings towards therapy quickly changed; all the negatives prior to starting my session became positive. I felt comfortable enough to speak honestly about my feelings without feeling judged. My expectations were validated from this whole process because I seemed more focused on what she would think of me as opposed to how will she help me. From the first 2 sessions I realized that she was here to guide me, and connect me to my emotions and thoughts in a new way. Her wholesome nature of attentively listening was very

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