Iphone Impact On Education Essay

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The impact on education through the use of Apple’s products
The iPhone is considered a popular smart phone in this generation, Apple struggled to keep up with the demand for their phones, usually Apple’s new iPhones are sold quickly upon release and its common to not get your phone on release day, unless you have pre-ordered the moment it is available. Apple selling 10 million ‘iPhone 6’ and ‘iPhone 6 plus’ last year in its first weekend of availability (Eadicicco, 2015).

Unfortunately, having Apple’s iPhone, doesn’t necessarily mean education can improve with it. Since the iPhone is still a smart phone, there has been an on-going debate to whether schools should be allowed to use these phones. According to The Conversation (2015), their
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The results were that the there was a possible reduction to the administrative and student expenses and an increase in productivity. Oklahoma State University (2011) further quotes that “We put this powerful and creative tool in the hands of faculty and students and the end result reached beyond enhancing the academic experience of our students,” said by OSU President Burns Hargis. The iPad showed signs of enhancing the student’s academic experience and as well improving the faculty as well. The students consistently mentioned that since the iPad was a moveable device, they were allowed to work in any environment giving them that equal playing field, since the students had access to the same technology. However they also stated that for iPads to be effective in education, the device needs to be ‘truly integrated’. The integration of using the iPad for the student’s academic experience, 75% of the pilot students positively agreed that the iPad improved their learning experience for their course. Overall the university concluded and recommended the use of iPads for all students to improve the academic experience for both the students and faculty (Oklahoma State University, …show more content…
The students were agreed to be motivated and innovative when using the MacBook and in fact improved their exam performances with recent exams showing evidence how well they were preparing for their future lives and careers. Not only was the MacBook programme efficient in saving costs but also easy to manage. In the recent exams, 75% of the students had grades between A*-B in A levels compared too few years ago with only 53%. The college had students with more than 90% of the students having 5 GCSEs at grade C or above compared to five years ago being only 73%. The parents also received help from the college itself, using an app called the ‘Apple Remote Desktop’ which allowed the ICT College staff to control the MacBook effectively in terms with non-education online resources (such social networking sites, gaming sites and streaming sites), which allowed the students to stay on task with their studying. Furthermore the app can also turn the MacBook into sleep mode to prevent the student from accessing the MacBook especially when it is late night. With this conclusion, we can see that the MacBook helped improve the student’s grades by using their motivation and transforming their learning (Apple,

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